Towing Services in UAE

Sea trade is day by day becoming volatile and quite unpredictable. This is raising sea trade volatility and prioritizing sustainability within the sea shipping industry. Directly or indirectly it drives towing management as a strategically crucial aspect. All sea traders want cost-effective marine fuel and consider bunkers strategic assets. In order to match the pace of this maritime towing companies in Dubai need a custom-built solution that offers powerful connectivity and smooth communication among both external and internal constituents. Not only that, but they also require a comprehensive experience, real-time business information, and time anywhere access.

Now take a look at what we Sea Sail Shipping provides and how we become one of the top towing services in the UAE.

Sea Sail towing services:

The main aim of Sea Sail Shipping behind serving offshore towing services is a customized appeal to assure hassle-free and secure port traffic. Thus we offer our customers custom-made port towing facilities. Our specialization and experience in tow allow us to provide towing support to small-to-very large tonnage boats, ships, and vessels in secure docking. For undocking and other management functions, we also provide workers and technicians.

Ship towing services in Dubai

We have a good working relationship with all ports in Fujairah, Sharjah, Dubai, etc. We also partner with government agencies to provide the best towing and shipping services. To become one of the UAE’s top-listed towing services companies, we need to practice and improve our quality and safety standards. We are a perfect customer-satisfactory sea shipping and towing company in the UAE due to our dedication to being the best in towing services.

Offshore towing services in Sharjah:

We have ships that are able to provide any kind of mechanical assistance or supply to our clients. You will get assistance in a variety of areas relating to boat engine maintenance or trawling a whole ship from tip to toe. To address technical problems, our ships are used to provide pick-up and drop technicians as well as towing any shattered boat. We believe that fulfilling our client’s needs is our highest priority, and we service our ships with towing services. Our towing services are not limited to the UAE waters, but also outside of port boundaries (OPL services). You can get assistance for a small or large vessel inshore or offshore towing services ranging from 25 to 55 bollard pull on our ships depending on your requirement.

Our range of various ship towing services in Dubai, UAE are-

  •     24*7 assistance
  •     Docking, undocking ships, moving, and ship escort in port towing.
  •     Shipping
  •     Firefighting
  •     Providing workers and technicians for remote towing
  •     Emergency assistance

We provide the best quality towing services for offshore towing services in Sharjah, Fujairah, Dubai, and all other ports in UAE.    

Sustainable offshore towing services:

Sea sail shipping is committed to sustainability as a responsible sea shipping corporation, and we have set a target to have zero net carbon emissions by 2030. We are also using biofuels, ammonia, and methanol as fuel-alternative sources. They also assess the risks that your marine operations pose to the environment and work with the client to create a custom-made fuelling solution. With a variety of boats and vessels, we have developed an effective approach to providing the best offshore towing services in Sharjah. We’re here to fuel you anywhere, day or night, 24*7. 


Offshore marine fuel supply is an effective way to boost sea trade. Offshore fuel supply services, in addition to the usual port-to-port fuel supply, are a unique way to boost your sea business output. Bunkering and marine fuel delivery are vital parts of the sea shipping industry and play a vital role in sea trades. Sea sail shipping is the only company in the UAE that can carry up to 100 pallets of cargo for boat and bunkering operations.

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