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These days highly competitive sea trade environment, ship management companies often look for diversification. Numerous self-sufficient shipowners have their own investors, banks, vessel operations, and leasing agencies also purchase ships, but they lack expertise. Several cargo owners also select to maintain a portfolio of tonnage themselves, a partial strategy to protect. All these trade qualifies. Hence, they have the opportunity to represent different managerial purposes that occur third party ship managers. In the modern maritime and shipment era, ship management companies in UAE come with an aim to serve efficient solutions. They determine the most affordable and updated logistics service offerings using advanced technology. The services that the managers avail from the management companies may divide into three categories-

  • Technical management
  • Commercial Management, and 
  • Crewing Management

The prime responsibility of a ship management company is to build strategies and plans to meet specific requirements. Requirements of the vessels, crew members, and owners, along with the urge to improve their operations for optimal ship activities. First-class shipment services at the minimum timeline are the thing that people seek within a cost-effective budget. A professional team laced with long experience understands their inside-out duty pretty well. Thus commercial ship management companies in Sharjah, Dubai, or Abu Dhabi, wherever provide the best sea-trade operation of a vessel. It starts with managing online tenders, administrating the vessel daily, and communicating with different parties associated with commercial vessel management. These associates include stevedoring firms, ship suppliers, port authorities, and ship brokers. 

Now let’s understand the three management services a little bit elaborately-

  • Technical Management:

The manager needs to serve technical management solutions in any management contract. These management services are like the following- 

  • Assuring that the vessel observes the needs of the Flag State. 
  • Adherence to the particular ISM Code (International Safety Management) needs to be ensured.
  • Ensuring compliance with the ISPS Code (International Ship and Port Facility Security).
  • Offering capable ship personnel to monitor the vessel’s natural efficiency and maintenance work.
  • Supply provisions and monitoring of the dry dockings, alterations, maintenance, and repairing of the vessel. 
  • Arrangement for the essential spares, lubricating oil, and store supply.
  • Assuring the ship should have all required things and classification society’s recommendations. 
  • Management of bunkers testing and sampling facilities. 
  • According to the requirements, they appoint sufficient technical consultants and surveyors. 
  • Provide all other associated services.


  • Commercial Management:

A few ship owners are in the business of representing commercial management programs. For instance, a bank that prevents a vessel mortgage and reacquires the ship may find a way to operate it while waiting for a considerable re-auction market. What the bank will ask professional managers is to act the commercial management activities. These management functions are like securing ship employment according to the authorization or other carriage contracts. Besides that, they also perform appropriate marine insurance and ensure the ship from several risk management issues. People who work in the leading ship management companies in the UAE, whether in Dubai, Sharjah, Fujairah, or else provide top-notch services routinely according to the ship owners’ wish. These quality ship management services make these companies more capable manage fleets more effectively.  

  • Crew Management:

Crew management services are also related to managing some significant things to make smooth streamflow. Such as-

  • Recruitment of crew members
  • Arrangement for the proper crew deployment for different ships
  • Provide training to crew members and look after their career development aspects
  • Payroll management
  • Take care of the crews’ employee benefits and insurance.


Functions and responsibilities of a ship management company in the UAE:

Every renowned ship management company in the UAE has its own team of expert professionals experienced in shipping. They work with advanced technology to provide high-quality ship management solutions for a diverse range of service requirements. Services like planning, technical support, consultancy, and everything related to ship management can find from them. They hire qualified and experienced personnel for different sectors to perform various management works. Ship operations, marine engineering, fleet management, carrier shipping, and oil & gas operations’ supply chain management services are available. However, you must remember that commercial ship management companies are mostly integrated shipping companies. They come with high-end ship management solutions at the most reasonable price in the entire freight shipping industry. 

With the help of specialized professional workers, ship management companies in Sharjah establishes an engagement with all sea market parties. They are able to interact with people like ship agents, freight brokers, and stevedoring companies. Majorly the commercial ship management companies take control of daily sea trade operations by supplying bunkers and recruiting surveyors. Appoint the agents who are somehow connected with the commercial activities of their ship or project. Companies offer guarantees for ships’ safety and provide efficient economic management. They are also associated with several more commercial ship management and daily operations, including tenders bidding, repairing, and long-term contracts. 



In conclusion, we come to the point that there are many ship management companies in the UAE. However, not all are up to the mark. Top-ranked companies like Sea Sail Shipping LLC. can guarantee the best ship management solution. These companies have proficient and experienced workers who can deliver high-end safe, efficient ship management solutions at the lowest price. They make this possible because of their advanced technological assistance and long-term experience in the ship management industry. Hence, one should always choose the right ship management company by ensuring efficiency, safety, and economic management.             


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